When you pay heed to the word “farmhouse”, what exactly strikes your mind? Does a huge plantation-style household kind of a train of thought encompass? Or you think of it as a large wrap around the porch!

Irrespective of the perception, are you seriously thinking of getting a farmhouse-style home built? If yes, we laud your decision and such a design you’ll cherish in the long run.

fhrough this post, we shall spill some additional beans on a few farmhouse designs that could potentially be the home of your future:

  • The Scandinavian design

Throwing light; this particular style of the farmhouse has a good-sized front epoch where one can unwind after you’re ready to drop. Getting to the inside, the Scandinavian design has enough room space making it a viable option for a traditionally sized family.

  • The Southern Country style

Dormers on the roof and a huge wrap around the porch are something that’s gonna fascinate you the most about this popular design. A mediocre size close to 1700 sq. ft, this particular design generally has three bedrooms and two and a half baths.

  • The Open Layout Design

Modern and traditional farmhouse blends offer a spacious living room, aesthetic kitchen, entertainment zone, and open floor plan. So, are you looking for a traditional farmhouse with a modern touch then an open layout design is perfect for you!

  • Plush Master Suite

A house of 3200 sq. ft is ideal for those looking to have a farmhouse design with a luxurious feel. The master suite design boasts four bedrooms along with an additional room to give your family ample space to live.

  • Country Farmhouse Plan with garage

For your enlightenment, this floor plan consists of a bonus room over the garage. But, this additional space is just the tip of the iceberg. Available in 3400 sq. ft, it has a fantabulous master suite, two other bedrooms, and another washroom. What’s more, you even have access to fireplaces!

  • 3-Bedroom Farmhouse with wrap around porch

If you envisage owning a traditional farmhouse style, this design is specifically meant for you. Such homes swag three bedrooms, a wrap-around porch, a scintillating master suite, two additional bedrooms, and a loft.

  • The graceful Farmhouse

When you covet possessing a farmhouse accommodation that is brimming with elegance, this style serves your purpose. Up for grabs in a size under 3000 sq. ft, this home has a three-car garage, having two stories, owning three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

  • Open floor plan Farmhouse

Do you have a large family? Thus scouting for a farmhouse style that comprises some extra bedrooms? Your search gets over when you favor an open floor plan farmhouse. It’s extolled for its five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a three-car garage and is two stories tall. Moreover, its size is slightly more than 3800 sq. ft.

  • The modern Farmhouse

To some, it may appear as a traditional farmhouse, but it has some quirky features that make it distinct from others.

For instance-the emergence of the flat dormer is something that gives this home a modern touch. The modern farmhouse flaunts four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a two-car garage, and is a single story. Talking about the size, it is usually available in a size close to 2700 sq. ft.

  • The four-bedroom Farmhouse

Prefer procuring a home that has more rooms along with a garage? Wonderful news: this style is designed precisely for you. Boasting four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a two-car garage, this style is one of the trending ones of this contemporary era.

  • The Farmhouse Cottage

Its quaint design lures most of the population towards it. As you step in, you’ll realize a bedroom on the right and the restroom on the left. Just in front of you, there will be a scullery, living room and dining area.

To wrap up

Now that you’re acquainted with different styles, are you chewing over to get one of these built? If yes, get connected to a farmhouse designer right away. The professional would apprise you on distinct aspects like the time it would take for complete construction, cost of materials, and a lot of other pivotal things.

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