Who are we:

The trend in Live World is a growing blogging platform with a substantial userbase that encourages its guest to write & share freely on a wide variety of fields via their informative and peculiar content to not only gaze the interest of their audience but to start a meaningful conversation as well.

The blog-posting site allows users to post articles as a guest on a plethora of topics. This could be trending news, or an idea guest feels to write about. The insights built from the blog can broaden the horizon of many.


Features & Policy: 

The blogging site has an intuitive user interface that displays Guest posts in the form of content, images, links, and videos. In addition, it is a secure and robust platform that is very easy to use for creating a blog with image-backed content.

The Guest posting site has an array of sections broadly classified as Business, Tour and Travel, Web Design, Write for Us & Digital marketing which uniquely categorize the content for the respective target audience. This not only effectively positions the content to its intended users but also capitalizes it by letting them follow the post and share it across various popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The blogging site also supports ‘Tags’ to increase the post’s reach among the audience, which eventually helps Guest posts gain traction socially. Guests can easily follow other users’ blogs as well. Just like any other blogging site, Trend in Live World also supports link building function.


 Moreover, a Guest, according to the nature of the content, can further post on other diverse topics or sub-topics like Finance, Health, News, Marketing, Science, and Sports, except adult or sexual matters/stuff.

Guest posts should be expected to adhere to certain basic protocols, like content should be original & authentic without any grammatical mistakes. It should be limited to a certain word limit w.r.t standard blog format.

To cater to our guest’s queries or doubts, we provide them with real-time assistance through the Chat with us feature. As a part of the process, after reviewing the guest’s content, the blogging website publishes it usually in just a few days. Last but not least, a Guest can use it free without considering any payment.

Since its inception, Trend in Live World has believed in the idea of free& original content. Ergo encourages its collaborators to write on distinctive topics to impact the reader’s mind with integrity and stimulate their perspective.

The core idea is driven by a strong association of inquisitive bloggers attempting to cultivate and educate readers in every possible way through the vivid form of knowledgeable content. Therefore, our guest bloggers are not merely contributors but part of our ecosystem.