Free SEO Tools

SEO tools are helpful to perform various SEO activities. Some of them are free, paid, and also available under free trial. Most of us are not aware of them. So, here we introduce the Free SEO Tools that are beneficial for all of us.


  1. SEOptimer: It will helpful in creating On-Page Report. We check various site error through SEOptimer. Official website:

  2. Case Converter: Its useful in converting text from one particular case(lower, upper, title, etc) to another particluar case(lower, upper, title, etc). Official website:

  3. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool: In this tool we create the Meta Title and Meta description with live feature of Google appearance. Official website:

  4. Screaming Frog: It give us full report of error in our site. We just need to download the software. Click here to download:

  5. Google Keyword Planner: This is used for keyword research. Google provide this tool to find the perfect keyword according to your interest. We can check the search volume and competition on selected location. There is need to create account in Google Keyword Planner. Official website:

  6. DA PA Checker: The DA PA checker is used to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of any website. There are more things in the DA PA Checker such as DA(Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority), SS(Spam Score), OS(Off-Page Score), Age(Age of the domain), Alexa Ranking, etc. Official website:

  7. ahref for Competitor Analysis: ahref is paid tool but we can do competitor analysis without purchasing its membership. Website: