Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the way of advertisement through various digital channels such as social media, search engine, email, websites, and mobile apps. Using these methods companies endorse their products so that consumer easily reach out to them and they increase their sale.


What is Digital Marketing?

The second name of Digital Marketing is online marketing. Because we promote the brands of customers using the internet and other digital medium. This is not limited to the social media, but using multimedia messages as marketing.

Inbound Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Most of us are confused with Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing we use most of the Inbound Marketing tools. Both of them are used to attract the customers but the approach is different. Digital Marketing strategy may use multiple platform & focus on one platform. In Inbound Marketing, we first decide the goal then find the corresponding tools. So that reach out to the target customers.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are various types of Digital Marketing. You should specialization in one or all of them.
    1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):  SEO refers to the Search Engine Optimization. The need of SEO is to increase the number of visitors into website to Rank higher in SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). The SEO can be categories into following types: a) On-Page SEO b) Off-Page SEO c) Technical SEO To know more click here

    2. Online Reputation Management(ORM): Online Reputation Management refers to the branding on internet. In this, we can improve the online reputation of a person or organization or rebuild the online reputation. Moreover this we also suppress the negative links on SERP(Search Engine Result Pages).

    3. Content Marketing: The goal of content marketing is to converting the leads into the customers. The main difference between the traditional marketing is that it can be done free in the form of written material. The content marketing is tricky process. The person who done this need to be updated with the Google algorithms. He able to rank it higher on SERP through sharing, engaging with the people who read it, and interact with the brand. If content are based on the all norms then it could create an strong bond between people as a pipeline.

    4. Social Media Marketing: Social media is a great weapon in online world. We get lots of traffic from it and even our brand become more popular through good campaign. The main social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is become the prominent field because you can reach to the wide range of people through good campaign. The other benefits are following:

  1. Broad Reach: The reach of online ads are broad. It’s doesn’t matter where they are(geographically). You can easily grow your business.
  2. Cost Effective: The broad reach is not only the important factor of Digital Marketing. We can pay less than the traditional marketing. We have full control on target audience.
    Simply, if we publish one blog then it active as long as the publisher want to be. We can create a email marketing campaign and delivers message to target customers list according to your schedule. 
  3. Measurable Results: To know whether your marketing strategy goes right or wrong, how many customers you attract, how much revenue you generate, all these are impossible with digital marketing strategy.
    It’s not possible to get one-to-one conversation with customer and we all know survey are not convey the right information.
    So, with digital marketing it’s easy to monitor the result. The digital marketing software provide us the accurate information. 
  4. Convenient Conversions: Digital Marketing allow the customer to take immediate action after viewing ads. In traditional marketing it’s not same you wait for long time and don’t know whether they contact with you or not. 
  5. Easy Connection with Customer: Digital Marketing allows to communicate with customers in real time. Just take an example of social media where you publish your post and the viewers do comment and share immediately if they like it. 

We can say that Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing. We save our time, energy, and manpower. And put all these on the making strategy so that achieve better.