An expedition into the desert is an essential element of every trip to Dubai. There may be no better way to explore the expansive sands than on a safari. However, how can you decide which is best for you? Have you thought about riding a camel through the dunes, camping under the stars, or soaring through the skies in an air balloon? To help you make the right choice, we have compiled our top desert safaris for excellent tours Dubai. Scroll down to learn how to plan your dream desert safari.

There is something for every budget when it comes to day trip in Dubai desert safari. The amount of money depends on the activities you choose. Even if you want to save some money, you can arrange a day trip for as little as $20. On this trip, you can experience camel rides, a desert barbecue, and driving through sand dunes.

The most effective way to learn about Emirati culture is through a desert safari. Here are our picks of the very most exciting desert safaris in Dubai, ranging from quad biking over sand dunes to camping under the stars. Get your adrenaline pumping, and enjoy the desert.

1. Dubai’s cheapest desert safari
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can still have an epic desert escape in Dubai because it’s known for lavish events and big spenders.

On this super-budget desert safari, you’ll head to the Red Dunes of Al Habib and experience a little dune bashing. After that, you’ll tour a desert camp where you’ll find traditional dance shows, a tasty barbecue dinner, and camel rides. Saving money is possible but you will not be disappointed.

2. An overnight trip to the desert in Dubai

It is the perfect way to experience the desert if you spend the night in this arid land. Camp under the stars in the desert is unbeatable.
You will get a chance to sandboard and explore the dunes during the day, then smoke shisha and check out local customs like dancing and henna in the evening. The next morning, you can watch the sunrise in a traditional camel caravan.

3. The most luxurious desert safari in Dubai

For those who have no problems with money, this is the best 5-star desert safari in Dubai. Take a ride in the car of the Dubai royal family, the Range Rover, and head out into the sand dunes like a king or queen.

Enjoy an evening of wildlife spotting, falconry displays and delicious 3-course meals in a private cabana at this royal retreat. You’ll explore Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to spot local wildlife.

4. Private desert safari in Dubai at night

The night desert safari is also one of our favorite private safaris in Dubai. Take a vintage 1950s Land Rover out into the desert in search of nocturnal wildlife after the sun sets, equipped with night-vision binoculars.
Following your exploration of the desert at night, you’ll dine under the stars in an open-air camp (owned by a local royal family) while enjoying a three-course dinner, shisha and Arabic coffee.

5. Best sunrise safari in Dubai

Early in the morning before the sun rises is the most ideal time to see this arid desert landscape.We’ll get you up early to watch the sunrise over the sand dunes as you embark on your adventure.

Before you dine on an Arabic picnic breakfast, keep an eye out for wildlife at Al Qudra Lakes. Plan a day trip in dubai.

6.Safari with hot air balloons

When you look down on the desert from the ground, it’s a very different experience from looking down from above. When you leave the Margham Desert, your hot air balloon awaits you as you head out first thing in the morning.

Enjoy quad biking, camel riding and a gourmet breakfast before floating up to 4000 feet and watching the sunrise over the desert.

7. Dune bashing safari in the desert

Hurling up and down sand dunes is an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. The Jeep, quad bike, or buggy will take you through the dunes, giving you an hour to experience the thrill of the desert terrain. Adventure seekers can also add sandboarding to their itinerary.

8. Desert safari in Dubai at its finest

A desert safari offers a taste of old-world charm. As you cruise through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve spotting wildlife in classic 1950s Land Rovers, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back in time.

The evening includes a delicious dinner under the stars, after which you’ll partake of traditional activities like baking bread, falconry demonstrations, camel rides, shisha, and henna tattoos.

9. Best camel safari in Dubai

In Dubai, the most popular camel safari is the camel desert safari. The first image that springs to mind when you hear the words “desert safari” is riding across the dunes on camelback.

Thousands of years ago, people traveled the same way they do today. Trekking across the desert at sunrise requires you to mount your trusty steed. You’ll sample Arabic coffee after you’ve finished your ride.

10. Dubai’s best desert horseback safari

You can also go on a horseback safari in the desert if you are a horse lover. There is nothing like getting in the saddle and feeling the breeze on your face as you ride through the rugged desert landscape. 4x4s and buggies may be the most well-known mode of transportation around here, but they certainly don’t compare to riding a horse through the desert when you plan a day trip in dubai.

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