The modern-day electrical services in Brisbane and throughout the country is getting more and more precise by day. In simple words, there are so many specific service providers for specific needs that it may get a bit confusing at times for those seeking electrical services. Those who have been looking to hire an electrician in recent times are probably aware that there are residential and commercial electricians that you can popularly choose between.

But the question is, what is the difference among them? Yes, the names make it easier to figure out But what if I tell you that this isn’t all about these electrical services? Whether you need electrical services urgently or not, keeping this information with you might come in handy in the future for you. To find out more about Residential Vs Commercial Electricians check here:

  • The Difference in Services Offered

The prime job of a residential electrician in the Gold Coast is to carry out electrical installations effectively and safely in homes. They are also called domestic electricians. Replacing and repairing electrical faults at home is what mostly covers the services of a residential electrician. On the other hand, commercial electrical services mainly include relatively more complex electrical processes and working with significant machinery as well. The commercial electrical service providers are most often than not working in factories, public buildings, and other such establishments.

  • Size of the Electrical Projects

Next, the major difference that you will find in the working of a residential and a commercial electrician is the project size. Commercial electricians in Brisbane might have to deal with larger projects more frequently than a residential electrician. It is so because as mentioned above, commercial electrical services are carried out at buildings and factories where the electrical work needed is generally a big project for the entire property. Whereas residential electricians usually get smaller projects. They do sometimes get big projects when they have to install or replace the electrical wiring of a big house.

  • Safety Standards and other Regulations

As far as work regulations are concerned, the compliance aren’t as strict for residential electricians as for commercial electricians. A big part of these regulations for commercial electricians is about safety protocols as the safety threats are more on public buildings and areas than at a home. When you choose the best electrician in Brisbane, residential or commercial, they surely will be aware of and follow the necessary regulations to ensure that the work carried out is successful and checks the boxes for safety significantly.


As someone looking for commercial or residential electrical services, these given points are more than enough for you to learn about them a little deeper. But one thing that is common for residential, commercial and even industrial electrician in Brisbane is that you need to hire a reliable one. And if you haven’t been able to find one yet, visit Sunshine State Electrical for their extensive range of electrical services.

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