A visit to Georgia is especially rewarding because the state is rife with contrasts. You’ll find something to do in Georgia for everyone, regardless of your interests. Here are some of the most must-see highlights of a trip of 5 days in Georgia.The vibrant city of Tbilisi and the unique wines of Kakheti, as well as walking through Kazbegi National Park and exploring ancient cave towns, make Georgia a place that will make you remember it forever.

1. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a true melting pot of old and makes for a fantastic starting point for any trip to Georgia. You’ll discover Georgia’s oldest basilica, medieval Armenian churches, and a Zoroastrian fire-worshipper’s temple as you explore ornate synagogues, mosques, and Georgia’s oldest synagogue with a local guide. A modern alternative to the historic Old Tbilisi is the wave-shaped Peace Bridge, which spans the Kura River. Wander around the city’s narrow streets and faded wooden buildings after a busy sightseeing day, and snack on khachapuri at a quirky street-side cafe while you observe local life.

2. Kakheti

Kakheti is one of Georgia’s most recognized wine regions and one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The Georgian climate ideal for winemaking is ideal: a warm summer climate, mild winters and natural springs, and mineral-rich water from the Caucasus Mountains. Explore the lush countryside of the winemaking region, which is dotted with vineyards and breathtaking mountain views. Find out about organic farming methods at Kondoli, where you will also discover local wineries.

Additionally, Georgia produces wine through an unusual practice in which pressed grape juice is stored underground while fermenting in large vessels called Qvevris pots (egg-shaped clay vessels). Learn the ancient craft of winemaking and sample the local area’s white, red, and amber wines with a local wine master.

3. Kazbegi

In the Kazbegi region of Georgia, you will find mountains capped with snow and alpine meadows of emerald green. Kazbegi National Park is situated at an elevation of 8,700 meters on the north slopes of the Caucasus ranges, home to a great deal of flora and fauna. In addition to the bears, you may spot wolves roaming the jagged peaks searching for food. Get your walking boots on and make your pilgrimage to the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. This chapel is situated in a natural amphitheatre surrounded by craggy mountains and set among a blanket of green. Mt. Kazbegi is the sacred site where Prometheus was bound for all eternity and is rich in mythology and religious tradition. It is said that ancient Abrahamic relics were found here.

4. Uplistsikhe Cave Town

You will discover a whole town of streets, churches, palaces, and homes carved into the mountainside when you travel to the Silk Road cave town of Uplistsikhe on the banks of the Mtkvari River. A landmark city in Byzantium’s trade route with India and China dating back to the first millennium BC, the town is also home to Bronze and Medieval relics. Experience the splendour of ivory-coloured rock vaulted chambers, hear the echoes of sacred shrines, and sit on tiers of a timeworn amphitheatre. A must visit place for 5 days in Georgia.

5. Sighnaghi

The picturesque town of Sighnaghi, sometimes called the ‘Paris of Georgia’, rests upon a verdant hilltop in the Kakheti region and offers breathtaking views of the Kakheti Winelands framed by the breathtaking panorama of the Great Caucasus Mountains. You can wander quaint cobbled streets full of fine 18th-century buildings, terracotta roofs, and 18th-century balconies, and you can sample some of the delicious red and white wines from the region, which have been produced for over 300 years. Plan 5 days in Georgia.

6.Vardzia Caves

Georgia’s cave monastery of Vardzia is an important tourist attraction. To further protect the people, Tamar the Great, the daughter of King Giorgi III, later built caves to defend the area further. Discover the maze of underground tunnels, halls, and wine cellars connected by stone staircases and narrow tunnels within the mountain, illuminated by candlelight. The whole city survived here? It’s hard to believe. The original irrigation pipes still enable monks to live in the caves in the mountains.

7. Svaneti

Visit Georgia’s Svaneti region for a trip off the beaten path. The villages of the Greater Caucasus Mountains are set among the snow-capped peaks and deep gorges. A verdant landscape of emerald pastures is dotted with ancient stone towers named koshki; mighty glaciers slide down valleys into inky lakes and rivers. Meet the local Svan people and learn about their unique culture and age-old traditions during your stay in the village of Becho, which towers over Mount Ushba, known as the ‘Matterhorn of the Caucasus. Add Svaneti to your 5 days in Georgia.

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