If you’ve never travelled alone, the concept can be intimidating. Arriving alone in an unknown destination is scary but easy when checking in for your outbound flight. The doubts will pass eventually. The moment you check into your hotel and head out on the street to find your first meal, nerves will already give way to excitement.

Selecting the right destination is crucial to mastering solo travel. Certain places are more suitable for solo travel than others, no matter what kind of travel you plan. It is possible to find destinations that make it easy to meet new people and destinations best suited for solitude. Hope you enjoyed your holiday when you planned it.

Solo travelers can travel to every nook & corner of the globe. Therefore, you can travel on your own in winter just as easily as in summer. Listed below are 6 great places to visit alone, grouped by interests. These places will get your solo travel adventure off to a great start, whether you’re into raves, relaxation, hiking or sightseeing.

1. Solo adventures in South America

In South America, you can climb mountains, raft rivers, uncover ancient ruins and explore jungles. It is the best time to visit Patagonia and the Andes in the northern hemisphere during summer in South America. In Argentina, Chile and Brazil, adventurers find well-trodden trails, while in Ecuador and Colombia, you find pristine jungle trails. Machu Picchu trekkers will never be alone!

Thanks to its established traveler hubs and easy border crossings, South America is an ideal continent for solo travelers. Travelers can meet up with fellow adventurers and buddy up with travelers who are heading in the same direction along the Gringo Trail, which takes in the continent’s most popular destinations. In addition to this and the quality hostel network on the continent, solo travel on the continent is simple.

2. Vancouver, Canada

During the fall season, Canada becomes the epitome of the maple leaf. A stroll through Stanley Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden would be the perfect way to enjoy the changing colors of foliage.

The second Monday of October is Canadian Thanksgiving, so you can enjoy this holiday if you visit in October. Halloween is also a big deal in Vancouver. Fright Nights run through October at the Pacific National Exhibition.

3. Best for self-reflection is Ubud, Indonesia

Bali, the island of the gods, has its magic, regardless of whether you liked or disliked the seminal memoir Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It remains a wonderful, laid-back place for solo travelers to relax, reflect and recharge in Ubud, the island’s center of arts and spirituality. Ubud was the place the author found love (and ate and prayed) and a place to find inspiration. The island is a great destination all year round, with the summer being the busiest season and the winter being more peaceful and quiet.

There are no probing glances at yoga classes or in vegetarian cafes in Ubud, nestled amid rice fields surrounded by mist-covered mountains. In Ubud, you can find countless health retreats dotted around the verdant hills, which will truly help you tap into its healing powers. Hope you enjoyed your holiday while you went for it.

4. Nightlife in Berlin, Germany

Berghain, Berlin’s most famous nightclub, is easier to get into if you arrive alone. The German capital naturally appeals to solo travelers, whether true or not. The friendliness and inclusivity of Berlin and its world-famous nightlife attract hordes of solo travelers.

Among the best places to party in Europe, Berlin offers a variety of colossal clubs, graffiti-covered beer gardens, and huge festivals. But clubbing is only one of the city’s many attractions. From the Brandenburg Gate to the Holocaust Memorial, history surrounds you from when you arrive. New cafes and boutiques, weekend flea markets, and a food-truck scene provide leisurely pursuits. Walking tours in Berlin are simple, and you can wander alone or with someone.

5. Singapore: best for solo travel

Singapore’s Changi airport is one of the world’s most relaxing solo travel experiences, as it offers all kinds of cultural attractions, a growing collection of guesthouses, and excellent public transportation (including excellent connections to the airport).

The city is ideal for solo travelers, whether you choose to walk through Chinatown Heritage Centre with an audio guide, gaze at magnificent Gardens by the Bay, take a dip in lavish rooftop pools, or join the hordes enjoying the hawker food courts. The cosmopolitan mentality of the residents makes the city a draw – no one bats an eyelid at the daily influx of international visitors, and there aren’t many hassles or scams.

6. Italy’s cultural capital: Rome

Roma’s cityscape is a kaleidoscopic canvas of architectural wonderment, historical wonders, and ancient icons. The Colosseum and Roman Forum are ancient icons, while St Peter’s Basilica is a Renaissance masterpiece. There is so much to see that you won’t get bored whether you are here for two days or two months.

The number of tourists visiting this cultural hub each year makes it hard to feel lonely, even though English is not widely spoken in some European nations. In Rome’s fabulous restaurants, solo dining ensures only one palate is happy. However, don’t overschedule your visit. Relaxation is a key attribute of Rome. It is essential to share a glass of vino at sunset with strangers. Hope you enjoyed your holiday; when you visited beautiful Rome.

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