Almost no one is born a savvy traveler. In the beginning, you’ll make many travel mistakes. It’s a skill to plan your dream vacation when you’ll only gain experience on the road. In order to learn how to travel well, you must endure missed foolish behavior, cultural ignorance, and countless other hiccups. You start integrating yourself seamlessly into various cultures as if you were a fish in water in no time at all.

You will end up saving money, sleeping better, exploring more off the beaten path, and meeting locals. In addition, you will be a better traveler when you follow these tips. The following are the world’s 20 most valuable tips when you plan your dream vacation:

1. Pack A Towel Whenever You Travel
There’s nothing wackier than using common sense in galactic hitchhiking. No matter if you need it at the beach, for a picnic, or just for dry clothing, you will always need it. You never know and while hostels usually provide towels, carrying a small towel shouldn’t add much weight to your bag.

2. Buy A backpack Or Briefcase
In order to avoid carrying too much stuff, you should buy a small backpack (I prefer something around 35 or 40 liters). It is human nature to fill up space, so if you pack light but have extra room in your bag, you’ll soon find yourself saying, “well, I guess I can take more,” and then regretting your decision.

3. Carry A Light Backpack
You shouldn’t feel guilty about wearing the same t-shirt every day. Make sure to bring half as many clothes as you think you will need. That will be enough. Pack only the items on your list of essentials. Plus, you won’t have much room for extra stuff since you bought a small backpack as I said!

4. Remember To Bring Spare Socks
A lot of your clothing will disappear because of gremlins in the laundry, use, and hiking so pack extra. If you have to take more than you need, pack only a few. Fresh socks are always a good idea.

5. Make Sure You Have A Spare Bank & Credit Card With You
Occasionally, disasters strike. In the event that you get robbed or lose your credit card, it’s always a good idea to have a backup. There is no need to be out of money when you move. A freeze was once applied to one of my cards after it was duplicated. This prevented me from using it during my trip. It was wonderful to have an extra and not have to borrow money from my friend, who didn’t have one.

6. Use Fee-Free Credit Cards
Avoid handing your money over to banks. Instead of giving it to the banks, invest it in your travels. If you want to conduct foreign transactions or withdraw cash from an ATM, select a credit card and a debit card that will not charge you any fees. They will accumulate a lot of money during a long trip!

7. Take At Least One Trip On Your Own
Through these experiences, you will gain a better understanding of who you are and how to become independent. As a solo traveler, I learned how to handle unfamiliar situations and make friends easily. It has helped me learn my capabilities and enabled me to be super selfish and do whatever I want! Initially, it may be difficult to adjust to the updated process, but do it at least once.

8. Using A Map Is Not A Sign Of Weakness
Getting lost and ending up in the wrong part of town is more problematic than looking like a tourist. Don’t be afraid of asking for directions or using a map to find your way around. You’re a tourist, after all! A map is always handy while traveling. It’s the key to getting where you need to go!

9. Take The Time To Get Lost Intentionally
Getting to know a city by wandering aimlessly is a terrific way to avoid tourists and discover what it has to offer. You might find a surprising gem. You can have fun walking around and navigating without using Google Maps.

10. Make Sure To Get In Touch With The Local Tourism Office
Every event in town is known to them. In addition to offering a variety of free activities, they can provide information on special events taking place during your stay. Many of the attractions offer discounted admission and transportation as well. Many of the attractions are there to help you have a better experience. A smart traveler knows to utilize this resource when visiting a foreign country. It’s amazing how many travelers skip it when they visit! In fact, this is probably the number one travel tip that is most underutilized. Get in touch with the travel authority when you dream vacation! You’ll save money!

11. Avoid Money Belts – They’re Useless
There are many thieves who know about them, so being spotted with one basically shouts, “Look at me, I’m a tourist with cash!”! Getting deals and avoiding touts will be much easier if you blend in and act like a local. Keeping an eye on your belongings is the best way to avoid pickpockets!

12. Only Take What You Absolutely Need When You Go Out
If something does happen, you will be able to recover your money easily if you limit the amount of cash and bank cards you carry. Only carry one ATM or credit card at a time. Cash should not exceed $100 USD.

13. Keep A Lock On You At All Times
Particularly useful for those living in dorms and needing to lock up their possessions. When traveling, always make sure you have a combination lock with you. Never use a key-operated device because losing the keys will mean disaster!

14. Copies Of Relevant Documents And Your Passport Are A Good Idea
Remember to send yourself a copy as well when you plan your dream vacation. When you don’t want to carry your original documentation with you or need some sort of documentation with you, you might need to have some sort of documentation on hand. A copy of your passport may also be useful for a police report if your passport is stolen.

15. If You Don’t Plan To Stay At The Hostel, Contact The Staff For More Information
Budget travelers are dealt with by hostel staff all day long. Their knowledge of cheap restaurants and attractions is invaluable. Locals also tend to deal with budget travelers all day long. Make sure you ask them for any information you might need. Even if you are not staying there, you can ask for assistance. Most people will gladly assist you.

16. Become Familiar With The Language Of Your Destination By Learning Basic Phrases
This will make your interactions with the locals easier, and the locals will appreciate it. The more common words and phrases you learn, such as “Hello”, “Goodbye,” “Thank you!”, “Where’s the restroom?” , will make a long way toward making you more comfortable around the locals. They will appreciate your efforts.

17. Learn About History!
If you don’t know anything about a place’s past, you won’t be able to appreciate its present. Do a bit of research before traveling. Seeing this place for the first time will deepen your understanding of it!

18. If You Want to Go to a Starbucks or Mcdonald’s, Don’t Be Embarrassed
Comfort can come from familiarity, and you can use the restrooms and have access to free wifi at both locations.

19. Flying Direct Is Not Recommended
Sometimes booking flights near your final destination will be cheaper than flying there and taking a train or bus. You should check out multiple flight options and know that direct flights aren’t always the cheapest when you plan your dream vacation.

20. Always Queue Behind Business Travelers
Business travelers are always in a hurry, and they travel light. This is their routine. Stay behind them whenever possible. The line will move faster!

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