Mauritius’ picturesque beaches and clear waters may make it seem like just another island nation, but it is so much more than that. You’d be surprised by everything that can be experienced in this small country. A gem in Africa, Mauritius attracts tourists from around the world with its boundless beauty and soul-enriching charm. If you are traveling with your family, on your honeymoon, or for leisure, or by visiting 5 island tour Mauritius, this vacationer’s paradise will take you to the top.
If you’re planning a vacation to Mauritius, here are a few things you should know about the exotic island. The island will not disappoint, no matter what your interests are: history, nature, adventure, or food; whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or planning a honeymoon. As you step foot on this paradise island, Mauritius offers a few things that will make your holiday more enjoyable. You can enjoy your Mauritius vacation to the fullest by following these insider tips. Mauritius makes a great holiday destination for eight reasons:1. Enjoy water sports

Mauritius is a great place to go diving. The reefs here cover many kinds of corals, and the marine life is very colorful. Shipwrecks from the 18th and 19th centuries can also be found here. Divers who aren’t certified can either get their certification here or choose one of the uncomplicated dive sites. Advanced divers can also dive at some sites. It is possible to sail the sea in Mauritius in a variety of ways. Speed boats, catamaran tours and traditional boats will all take you on a romantic island-hopping adventure.

2. Visit dolphin watching

In Mauritius, dolphin cruises are popular, starting as early as possible in the morning, just before sunrise. On this excursion, you will go out into the open sea to see dolphins, view them closely, and perhaps even spend some time swimming with them. This activity is best carried out on Tamarin Bay or Flic en Fac.

3. Take a trip to Chamarel Coloured Earth

The village of Chamarel is one of the major tourist destinations in Mauritius. Seven layers of sand make this place unique. From the observation deck, explore the dazzling array of colors, from yellow to red to brown to violet, purple, green and even blue. As a souvenir, you can purchase test tubes filled with Chamarel’s seven colors. You can stop by the Chamarel Waterfalls as you head back to the hotel for more great photo opportunities.

4. Dive into the Grand Bassin

You should also visit Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao), a natural lake in an extinct volcano crater. The sacred Ganges river in India provides the water here, according to mythology. Shivratri is an auspicious time to take a dip in this lake. At the northern end of the lake is the second largest statue in the world, 108 feet tall, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Do plan 5 island tour Mauritius.

5. Visit Ile Aux Aigrettes with a guide

Ile Aux Aigrettes, a tropical island of coral limestone, was declared a Natural Reserve in 1965 and has been uninhabited since then. You will encounter exotic plants and animals here, including the famous giant tortoise of Mauritius. Observe the Pink Pigeons, an endangered bird that was rescued from extinction.

6. Take a day trip to Port Louis

Port Louis offers exciting shopping and entertainment venues as well as a wealth of French colonial-style architecture. It also offers a wide array of top restaurants and hotels. The torch-raising ceremony for the independence of Mauritius took place at Champ de Mars in 1968, the oldest racecourse in the Indian Ocean region. You can also visit Le Capitaine, where Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan shot the movie Break ke Baad.

7. Visit Le Caudan Waterfront

In addition to upscale shopping and entertainment options, Le Caudan Waterfront is also home to a casino. Shop for brands like Gucci, Mango, and others in one of the 170 stores, then rest your tired but happy self at one of the cafes.

8. Hop On Different Islands

After exploring this world-renowned attraction, take a boat ride to the island near Gorges Viewpoint for a magnificent view of Mauritius’ beauty. It’s probably no secret that Mauritius has a private island named Ile aux Cerfs. In Mauritius, Ile aux Aigrette is equally breathtaking. There is a lot to see on this island. You can enjoy sunbathing on its white sand beaches, going on nature walks, or participating in water sports activities during your stay. Among the options here 5 island tour Mauritius, Blue Bay Marine Park stands out because it is unlike anything else.

The most suitable time to go to the island

There is no best time to visit Mauritius because it is beautiful all year round. The winter season is from May to December, so if you want pleasant weather, plan your trip during this time.
You can explore Mauritius at a cheaper rate and minus the crowds during off season if you don’t mind the heat. Between January and April, the temperature is around 33 degrees Celsius, so remember to bring sunscreen and an umbrella. Don’t forget 5 island tour Mauritius on your next vacation.

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