Today, web development company seems like a promising career. You may be unsure where to start or what web development languages you should take up if beginning in this field.


You’ll be more comfortable with backend technologies if you feel more comfortable with them, or you’ll be better at mathematics and logic if you are better at programming.

Thus, if you read this blog, you will be well prepared with the fundamentals to choose the correct programming language for the job of your choice.

Overview of web development languages

Web development is sometimes referred to as web design, but many people confuse HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) with programming languages.

Markup languages such as HTML and CSS are used for generating electronic documents (or pages) and designing websites. However, web programming languages are more complicated and can be categorized into backend and frontend web development.

A website can be developed using server-side (backend) coding, client-side (frontend) coding, and database technology.

For example, the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, was programmed using three different web programming languages to enable candidates to connect with other people, seek a job or learn new skills. The Voldemort distributed database was then used to store many profiles, using JavaScript, Java and Scala.

In other words, programming languages are complex logical instructions and processes designed to build websites that meet specific demands. There are so many Web Design Courses In Kolkata where you can learn web development.

Best web development languages in 2021


Scripting languages like PHP are commonly used in server-side scripting for creating simple, dynamic websites and web applications like Drupal, WordPress, or Facebook. PHP web development supports numerous free and open-source extensions like .NET and Apache or Bzip2 and allows access to various databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

In addition, PHP developers can extend PHP’s functionality by writing plug-ins (also called additions or extensions) in C, as many PHP functions are similar to those found in C. Furthermore, PHP has retained its Perl-like variables of the first version and its ability to simplify.

PHP is among the “least liked coding languages”, according to the Hired survey of 2021, since it is not fun to program in. PHP is outdated in the competition with other languages, although its updates have been made.

Furthermore, PHP lacks standard error handling functions, which means objects can suddenly change, which produces unexpected outcomes. This makes any coding errors more challenging to diagnose.


The favourite programming language for software engineers is Python, which is the opposite of PHP (Hired, 2021). 44% of software engineers reported using Python; this figure ranked second after JavaScript. Python is extremely popular in different sub-fields of IT. (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning or Video games) andIn particular, it is used in the scientific domain to collect empirical data and integrate it with applicable databases.

Python is an excellent language for beginners because of its straightforward syntax, support of many libraries, and ability to work as a scripting or object-oriented language. Additionally, Python has a small memory footprint, which makes debugging much more accessible.

Python is a backend web development language that is one of the top programming languages, and projects like Spotify or Instagram written in Python rely on the Django framework.

Python’s speed is fast compared to PHP, but it is slower than C/C++ and Java. Thus, Python is not suitable for applications that require a lot of processing power, mobile apps, or memory.


The Open Source web development and Object-Oriented Java language have a good reputation for stability, which is why Hired says Java is a preferred coding language with 38% of global users.

In addition, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) allows it to run on several platforms, and Java can be developed automatically to manage memory and reduce security risks. Therefore, Java is often used to create Android mobile apps and enterprise-scale web projects.

Java is complicated to learn due to its properties. Beginners will find it challenging to comprehend and learn through long-winded and complicated code if they decide to start using this language. Java web software development process is usually not undertaken on a small scale.


Since C# was initially developed for the .NET Framework, its uniqueness sets it apart from other web programming languages. Developers who work in C# web development is therefore limited to using only that framework.

The language is limited to providing functionality only. NET. Despite this, it is still famous for programming web apps or the creation of web API’s as well as for developing video games for PC and Xbox.

As an object-oriented language, C# is multipurpose and platform-independent, similar to Java due to the CLR (Common Language Runtime – a virtual machine for running .NET applications). The syntax of C# and C++ and Java can share some similarities, such as semicolons at the end of statements or Curly brackets to group statements based on functions or classes.


Many famous websites, such as Google, Twitter, and Amazon, were built using C++ and other web programming languages. C++ is one of the oldest programming languages in existence and has one of the most extensive support communities; it is also home to many libraries to provide other functions. Since it is so easy to learn due to its concise language of just 60 keywords, it is still quite popular today.

Because it was initially presented as an extension of C, it inherited many of the variables and capabilities of the language, but it also came with a messy syntax.

C++ can be functional, procedural, or object-oriented as a compiled language and can be collected via Microsoft Visual Studio or XCode on Windows or Mac.

With C++, you can build desktop apps, video games, and e-commerce servers. However, this technology isn’t ranked as well for web development company as JavaScript or Java.

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